Thanatar Siege-automaton conversion WIP

12 Jun
Thanatar Siege-automaton conversion WIP

Back in the days when I tried to field my Mechanicum force with a Coteaz-based Grey Knights list, I built a daemonforged alternative for the Nemesis Dreadknight. The model got abandoned as long as Forge World had no rules for a thing in that size, but luckily the third Horus Heresy book brought us the Thanatar class and some early pictures of the huge model showed a new glorious future for my conversion. 

My Thanatar is nearly a pure Forgefiend with a more insectoid head, a Defiler-donated claw and a vulcan megabolter to represent its twin-linked mauler bolt cannon. Just the Hellex plasma mortar is currently missing, until I get my hands on one of the Lord of Skulls’s cannons and will attach it via a servo-arm out of the Thanatar’s back.

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Posted by on 12th June 2014 in Dark Mechanicum, Horus Heresy


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