Tick-Tock – Who are those Clockworkers?

13 Jun
Tick-Tock – Who are those Clockworkers?

Several of my posts involve some ominous Clockworkers, but what or who are they?

The Clockworkers are a new warband in our upcoming alternative setting for Mordheim – The Sealed City.

Gathered under Henrik Bramstetter, a former Empire Master Engineer from Altdorf, the Clockworkers are mainly technicians who think of steam power as a dead end and study the formidable clockworks of the Sealed City. Backed by the city’s extraordinary supply of moonstone, they where even able to decrypt and reproduce the mysteries of the clockwork-driven constructs, which can be found throughout the city.

Humanoid soldiers and abhuman fiends made of brass & steel, filled with springs & gears and pale light shining from their moonstone hearts. These are the Clockworkers’ creations and once they reach the Inner Sanctum, nothing will resist their force on the return to the Old World.

On the tabletop the Clockworkers have some similarities to The Undead: Slow, relentless Henchmen without brain and a bunch of supporting heroes. But where the Undead got a vampire and fear, the Clockworkers are able to get some more shooting done.

Each warband consists of:

  • 1 Master of Clocks: Your leader, who can give prayer-like commands to the constructs
  • 0-1 Alchemist: Hellish tinctures and moonstone refinery
  • 0-1 Dwarf engineer: An outcast from the guild, but very viable on arming your constructs
  • 0-2 Apprentices: Some wannabe engineers
  • 0+ Handymen: Crude and simple workers, getting their job done but thinking confuses them sometimes
  • 0-5 Clockwork soldiers: Metal zombies, armed to the figurative teeth – slow but resilient
  • 0-1 Clockwork fiend: Like a soldier, but bigger, stronger and meaner

In the game you are not fast and your heroes need protection as well as your henchmen Need orders to work properly, but wherever you go, the enemy will struggle to prevent your coming. With some special skills and work on your constructs, they will evolve and improve.

So much for a short overview, you are advised check out the current version of the warband rules and feel free to use them as you like. 🙂

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