Clockworkers Part 5 – WIPs of the living

14 Jun
Clockworkers Part 5 – WIPs of the living

While my Mordheim stuff is currently deferred in favour of my Dark Mechanicus force, I’d like to share some pictures of the Clockworkers warband’s living part, namely all the heroes and two Handymen.

My Master of Clocks Marek von Stetz is nearly a pure Greatsword model with an Outrider helmet for a more prussian look. Then I added some small clockwork-related bits to make him less imperial. 

The Apprentices Olaus and Wozek didn’t need any thinking – as soon as I saw the Luminark, I had to have these models and fortunately a friend of mine bought the kit and gave me all parts to build these two out of the box. Especially the glasses shout “Clockworkers”.

To find a plastic Dwarf without helmet didn’t give me much choice and so I used one model from the cannon crew without helmet and hair. Adding a steam drill from the Dwarf Miners kit completed Bandur Hembarsson despite some ugly gaps between body and arms which needed to be filled.

At last I needed an Alchemist for my heroes. Klaus Wormius‘s head was easy to find in the Empire Wizard kit, but I wanted a more practical looking model instead of some robe-bearer. So the Empire Archers donated a suitable body and the arm with lightbulb from the Luminark provided a nice representation for the Alchemist’s Hellish Tincture.

The two Handymen Brann and Urg are based on bretonnian Men-at-arms with bald heads and hammers, their round shields aren’t yet attached for easier painting.

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