Warp lightning over Mordheim – Clan Skryre

16 Jun
Warp lightning over Mordheim – Clan Skryre

In this post I’ll take a closer look at the Clan Skryre warband. Using the rules made by Firuz the Accursed (with minor adjustments/clarifications) I played them very successfully in our campaign before last vs. The Undead and Witch hunters.

The warband plays equally different than and similar to the Clan Eshin Skaven from the rulebook. Most warbands will end up with a huge henchmen meat shield and some serious hitters in the backyard. The heavy hitters of Clan Skryre aren’t just heroes but also the Weapon specialist henchmen. Special equipment is the warband’s biggest strength – Warp lightning gives you a better hitting bow with in-built ricochet and nice but expensive upgrades. Poison wind globes can bring down the toughest enemy and are also useful for mass annihilation, if thrown into close combat (especially on multiplayer scenarios). Finally the warpflame thrower is tremendously dangerous for both sides and so frightening in its possibilities that it is able determine the enemies’ whole movement. Their numerous slaves slow the enemy and protect your vital warband members, but you should never let that Overseer getting ooa or you will lose up to 60gc after the game.

In our campaign the warband became extremely dominant as it could shoot down anything that came in sight and blocked everything that tried to break through. Versus a broader selection of enemy warbands Clan Skryre would probably get problems with blunderbusses as well as anything that is able to catch their casters and special weapons. Opposing to Clan Eshin fear isn’t a huge issue – just roast and chemically burn those fellows.

Below you can see the warband itself at the end of our campaign. Just missing the three hired swords (witch, beggar, prospector) and another four slaves on the pictures the warband eventually totalled 22-24 models (depending on Children of the Horned Rat).

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