Leading the robots – the sinister magi of Complex Epsilon-IV

17 Jun
Leading the robots – the sinister magi of Complex Epsilon-IV

My plans on fielding at least half a dozen Castellax Class Battle-automata and probably two Thanatar Class Siege-automata require some Cortex Controllers to work properly on the battlefield. To get these, I am going to need 2-3 magi in my lists. Twice a Magos Dominus and an additional Archmagos Prime for large games.

The first Magos Dominus is based on a really common idea between Mechanicum players – the Vampire Counts’ Cairn Wraith. Mixed with a couple of Dark Mechanicus bitz and some Ork exhaust pipes the magos will propably become one of Nurgle’s busy flies after the heresy.

From my former 40k Mechanicus’s allies (using Necron rules) I will re-use the Destroyer Lord as close-combat-fitted Archmagos, bearing almost no weak flesh anymore.


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2 responses to “Leading the robots – the sinister magi of Complex Epsilon-IV

  1. Manus

    20th June 2014 at 14:36

    Those are some brilliant conversions you have made here. I’d consider shaving off the spikes on the icon though.
    Consider the head-idea on the big bot stolen!

    • coppermind

      20th June 2014 at 16:05

      Thank you. 🙂

      Didn’t think about the spikes yet, but you’re probably right. I left the spikes for that chaotic look, but without them the staff would look more techy and less like a fantasy standard.

      Feel free to use any of my ideas – I’m certainly going to do the same from your blog.^^


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