More Castellax Class Battle-automata

24 Jun
More Castellax Class Battle-automata

My second Castellax is finished (apart from that mold line on the leg which I just discovered on the photos…). Again with a magnetised Hades autocannon as Mauler bolt cannon and a claw made from the Helbrute’s power fist and some Forgefiend tentacles.

The model got a much more dynamic pose this time compared to my first attempt, especially via the turned head / mask. 

So, two Castellax finished means six to go for my 1500 pts. list. I already acquired all necessary parts, built all spider legs and another two Castellax have at least their main body and arms in place. One is based on a partly damaged Helbrute I received from a fellow blogger and instead of repairing the model, it will show how Castellax with one remaining wound do look like:

The last Castellax got also a Hades-Mauler-gun-thing and some lashing tentacles. The melee arm uses a spare Helbrute leg but I am probably going to add another leg-based arm to compensate the lighter build compared to the power fist arm from the other Castellax. This model got its torso from the new Helbrute kit, which is way more detailled and a bit slimmer around the “hips”. Additionally the head is mounted a bit higher, thus making the model look less hunched than the ones from Dark Vengeance.

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