Side project: Jade Hawks

23 Jul
Side project: Jade Hawks

And now for something completely different: I recently acquired 15 dirt cheap Dark Vengeance Bikes at 2€ each and decided to build a BikeStar army for 40k. With its low model count and easy to paint Space Marine models a viable choice to recover from an overdose of daemonforged mechadendrites, red paint and other nightmares of a Dark Mechancus army.

Some theory crafting via BattleScribe later and I had a solid list as base, including three different detachments thanks to the new way of composing armies in the 7th edition:

White Scars Combined Arms Detachment:

  • Kor’Sarro KHAAAAN! (Bike)
  • Librarian (Bike)
  • Command squad (Bikes, Grav-guns, Storm shields, Apothecary)
  • 2-3 Bike squads (Grav-guns)
  • 2-3 Attack bikes (Multi-meltas)

Clan Rauk(h)aan Allied Detachment:

  • Chapter Master (Bike, Artificer armour, Thunder hammer, The Gorgon’s chain)
  • Scout squad (Sniper rifles, Camo cloaks)

Space Wolves Allied Detachment:

  • Wolflord (Bike, Runic armour, Thunder hammer, Storm shield, necklace & talisman)
  • Grey Hunters squad (Melta, Drop pod)

That’s around 1600 points with the aim to use up some existing models and stay below 100€ for the new stuff. Not bad for a whole new army. Of course I want to give the battleforce a matching color scheme instead of painting a tri-colored ragtag army and decided to use my beloved Jade Green from Vallejo as base color and paint most of the upper body in black, white or grey, according to the proper detachment colors. The Space Marine Painter from B&C helped a lot to envision my idea:

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