Jade Hawks Wolflord WIP

25 Jul
Jade Hawks Wolflord WIP

Despite my remaining Clockworkers’ protests I deferred their next paint session until the weekend and instead began building my first model for the Jade Hawks: the Wolflord. His bike is from the Dark Vengeance Bike Sergeant for the robed legs (which will be used for every character in the army – Khan, Chapter Master, Librarian & Wolflord).

Cutting off the Ravenwing banners and concealing them with a Space Wolves icon ought to be the only modification along removed Ravenwing symbols. But after preparing the Wolflord’s torso to fit with the original handlebar, it just wasn’t possible. So I searched my bitzbox for a regular Space Marine bike handlebar to fit the turned torso.

The Wolflord’s upper body is a simple kit bash from the Space Wolves Pack (fortunately I had a lot of bitz left from my girlfriend’s Pink Heresy).

Currently the model is missing some gap filling and cables for the backpack, before I can get paint on it (but only after finishing the Clockworkers). Nonetheless I am happy with the conversion – especially the fitting of shield & hammer, which is difficult when you want to make sure, the model doesn’t have to ride the bike free-handed.

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