Jade Hawks Librarian WIP

01 Aug
Jade Hawks Librarian WIP

For some support on the psychic front, I am going to include a Librarian in the BikeStar. As usual I started with one of the DV Sergeants’ Bikes. Unfortunately this one came already glued from the seller – and not very well, so I’ll have to fill a lot of gaps with Milliput & Liquid Green Stuff.

To continue the robed legs unlike the Wolflord’s upper body, I took the Sternguard MK VIII torso with sash and cut the belt plate until it fitted onto the hip. The lack of a Grey Knight back with psychic hood, I roamed through some blogs, finally finding a nice tutorial for custom psychic hoods out of a shoulder pad on From the Warp.

My first two attemps simply destroyed the used shoulder pad… After some time off I managed to get a usable result on my third try and attached it to the torso.

Originally I wanted to forgo any bare heads, but the psychic hood and the MK VIII collar didn’t leave enough space for a helmet. So the Librarian will probably be the only model besides scouts without a helmet, which gives me the opportunity to paint some OSL from the hood’s inside shining on the head.

I didn’t decide yet what kind of force weapon he shall wield and opted for a Necron blade the rough shape of a cleaver, which can serve as both a sword or an axe.

To finish the model for painting, I have to put some cables for the psychic hood on the torso and do all that ungrateful gap filling.

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