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Sidereus Poena – Banishing the Warp 101

Sidereus Poena – Banishing the Warp 101

Despite my first idea for Inq28 warband being a radical Hybris Inquisitrix, the Ordo Malleus finally got the nod over the Ordo Xenos. In this case I went with a puritanical faction, which tries to defend the God-Emperor’s ongoing plan and thus the status quo.

The Amalathians believe that the Emperor has a grand plan and that it is unfolding as it should. They are therefore concerned with maintaining the status quo and react vehemently against change. They are less concerned about the threat of mutation, witchery and the like, and more active in ensuring there is harmony within the vast Imperial organizations, that any rivalries and discord are dealt with and kept to a minimum.

It is the code of the Amalathian that strength is achieved through unity, and politicking and change will serve only to destabilize the Imperium. Noted amongst the many allies of the Amalathian are the Adeptus Arbites and local security forces. The mandate of such organizations being the upholding of imperial law and order thus maintaining the status quo and, in the eyes of the Amalathian, the strength inherent in the Imperium and the Emperor’s design for it.

Amalathian Inquisitors make a point of cooperating with local Imperial authorities, although their official remit is unrestricted. Where other Inquisitors demand, Amalathians politely “request”, and do their best to keep their allies informed.

Source: Lexicanum

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