Thallax Skulltakers

02 Dec
Thallax Skulltakers

Busying themselves in the khornate arts, these three Thallax only live to hunt tanks and collect their crews’ precious heads. Just a few dozen skulls left to achieve a Mark of Khorne, sometimes known as Ferrox upgrade.

Due to missing points in my army list their only upgrade is a single Multi-melta for now, in bigger games the three will also get melta bombs to wreck their targets more reliably.

Additionally I contemplate a big unit of six or even nine Thallax with heavy chainswords and the Ferrox upgrade. But this will probably have to wait for a (probably loyal) Ordo Reductor detachment, which is scheduled after the Legio Cybernetica’s completion.

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Posted by on 2nd December 2015 in Dark Mechanicum, Horus Heresy


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