The Archmagos’ favourite surrogate

05 Dec
The Archmagos’ favourite surrogate

After some rather unnerving games with a more than tough Magos Prime, which is also more than expensive (and at nearly 300 points definitely a bit too expensive for 1500 points), I decided to switch to 2-3 Magi Dominus instead.

But one still has to be the warlord, so I got myself a cheap Draykavac with missing arms and weapons. Using some spare parts and getting inspired by Powerfisted’s Archmagos my second Magos emerged to lead the cohort of Complex Omicron at a local 40k event. The base is also magnetized, thus he can be used in Draykavac’s Abeyant, should I ever need one.


Posted by on 5th December 2015 in Dark Mechanicum, Horus Heresy


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2 responses to “The Archmagos’ favourite surrogate

  1. Brofist

    25th July 2016 at 03:12

    Hey there! Brofist from PowerFisted here. Great work with your Archmagos conversion. The arm and staff coils are a great touch. Keep at it! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

    • Krimdar

      25th July 2016 at 08:18

      Thanks a lot. 🙂
      In fact, not so far away from your version. Unfortunately the model’s original axe was warped beyond recognition (for which I could get it on the cheap from its former owner) and thus had to be replaced.
      New posts are on their way, now that university stops taking its toll thanks to the summer break.^^


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