Omicron Tabletop Event

10 Dec
Omicron Tabletop Event

So, some pals secured one of their employer’s conference rooms to host a small 40k event for eight players on a free Sunday. Two teams, four different tables with their own special rules and three games for everyone. Being a fun event, everything from Forgeworld to regular 40k was allowed, but everyone was remembered to leave the WAAC-lists at home.

A great chance to field my Mechanicum, testing the new red book and getting some practice in the 7th edition of 40k. After some tailoring, this list was the chosen one:

Legio Cybernetica Cohort

Magos Dominus: augury scanner, warlord
= 80 pts.

Magos Dominus
= 75 pts.

Thallax Cohort
3 Thallax: 1 Multi-melta
= 155 pts.

Adsecularis Covenant
10 Tech-thralls: las-locks
= 35 pts.

Castellax maniple
4 Castellax: Mauler bolt cannons, 4 flamer
= 440 pts.

Castellax maniple
2 Castellax: Multi-meltas
= 210 pts.

Vorax maniple
1 Vorax
= 65 pts.

Ursarax cohort
3 Ursarax: 2 pairs of power fists
= 190 pts.

Thanatar maniple
1 Thanatar
= 250 pts.

1500 pts. total

The six Castellax and especially the large maniple were the cohort’s backbone, granting me a strong mid-field presence with an advancing maniple of two Castellax, the Vorax and the faster Ursarax as spear tip. The Thanatar should sit in the back, letting plasma rain on enemy objectives, while the Tech-thralls and Thallax would try to survive as long as possible to score at least some objectives.

If my opponents got rid of all my scoring units, winning the missions would have to rely on brute force and tabled enemies, which could become a tough challenge. At least my Magi score in 40k, and only precision shots or barrage weapons would be able to quickly dispose them in their monstrous units.

And this would also (hopefully) deny the extra D3 victory points, which my opponents achieve  automatically for killing both my Magi.

In the following posts I will reveal how good or bad my three games went.

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