Purge the abominable proxy

13 Dec
Purge the abominable proxy

At the Omicron Tabletop Event, my army list featured the Legio Cybernetica Cohort for the first time and to use my regular squad of Ursarax, at least one Vorax battle-automata was compulsory. Along with their point cost dropped to 65 this wasn’t such an inconvenient requirement, but unfortunately I had no real model for it.

So my old Archmagos got compelled to act as a proxy during the event, which wasn’t that bad at all for my opponents – nearly no original models were in my cohort and almost nobody had any experience with the Mechanicum from 30k, so nobody could realise that it was just a proxy. 😀

Even if the Vorax somewhat underperformed during my games, I don’t like to use proxies and thus pillaged my bitzbox. I found some old Forge World stuff to be the right base for a proper Vorax conversion: the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne.

The regular model would be way to big (it dwarfs my Castellax conversions, which are already bigger than the Forge World original and the Vorax should be smaller than a Castellax), so I left out some parts, switched front and backside, and shortened the front legs. Arms and back legs are already prepared, just the head keeps me worried as I haven’t had a good idea for what kind of head I should be aiming. Suggestions are always appreciated. 😉

All those Khorne symbols don’t bother me much, but have indeed persuaded me to give my upcoming third Magos Dominus a slight devotion towards Khorne to get along my nurglish Fly Magos and the undivided Magos who serves as my warlord.

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