Omicron game I – The Loyalists are trembling

26 Dec
Omicron game I – The Loyalists are trembling

My first game took place on the city fight table with lots of industrial ruins, which needed to be captured. During the close combat phase any scoring non-vehicle unit was able to put their flag onto the building, they were in, instead of another action in that phase as long as no enemy unit had any models in that building (represented with little flag markers – German ones for me, Austrian flags for my opponent to show the international game). So no flags from the battle-automata and no extra jet-pack movement in the same phase for the Thallax.

My opponent played a Deathwing-heavy Dark Angels list. From my memory:

Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator armour
Librarian in Terminator armour
7 Deathwing Terminators with lightning claws and 2x th&ss along the chaplain in a Land Raider Crusader which he held in reserves
5 deep-striking Deathwing Terminators with an assault cannon joined by the Librarian
2 Tactical Squads, one with missile launcher and flamer, the other with plasma cannon
Devastor Squad with 4 lascannons

Highlights turn 1: My Thanatar missed its first shot by far.

Highlights turn 2: The first Terminator squad succeeded with a really risky deep strike, but finally failed to take out my exposed warlord. In return all but one Terminator died through shooting and the remaining one got charged by the Vorax, which had no troubles with dispatching the survivor.

Highlights turn 3: The Thanatar missed again, while My opponent’s Land Raider entered the game and took a fine position to deliver a Terminator charge in the next turn.

Highlights turn 4: The Thanatar missed…, my opponent forgot to unload the Land Raider’s cargo (too eager to shoot at my Castellax to weaken them before the charge) and refused to unload later despite my offer to do so (forgotten is forgotten). So the Land Raider got wrecked by the Castellax’ smash attacks, but exposed themselves to a counter-charge in the Dark Angel’s turn.

Highlights turn 5: The small maniple got charged by the chaplain and his Terminators, lost 3 wounds, but smashed one thunder hammer. In my turn 2 wounds were healed by the Magi (soo powerful in the new book) and the second thunder hammer died in exchange for one lost wound.  Ah – and the Thanatar missed.

Highlights turn 6: No wounded Castellax, fewer Terminators left. The Thanatar missed and the game ended.

In the end the Thallax, Ursarax and Tech-thralls captured 8 ruins compared to the enemy’s 3 flags. I didn’t loose a single model. A 9:0 score for my team – and our only victory this round.

In retrospective potentially too many Monstrous Creatures for this event. Or too much tournament experience on my side compared to my opponent. Or possibly just the fate of really weak codices like the Dark Angels’ current one.

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