Empty coffins

28 Dec
Empty coffins

Long the ghouls have been a terrible menace – only living to feast and gnaw and prosper in the dark. To enter their realm at night meaning the same as offering oneself as midnight meal. Stay away and stay alive was the name of the game. But nevermore, for the king holds court…

Exiled and despised from the living as well as the unliving, the strigrani brought him with them. A curse for all the living, damned only to serve or be served, Morghor is reaching out to reign both night and ever-clouded day.

Together with the wizened Necromancer Lazius at his side, the ghoul king will bring terror to the realms of Mordheim.

In this task, his mortal servantry might not suffice, but has to grow.


Posted by on 28th December 2015 in Mordheim


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2 responses to “Empty coffins

  1. Remnante

    28th December 2015 at 18:45

    I love that necromancer! That creepy lurch really works 🙂

    • Krimdar

      28th December 2015 at 19:48

      Thanks, in fact he did start as a bunch of scraps that I had lying around. ^^
      The pose was mostly preset by the flagellant’s body, but the other parts fitted in so nicely it nearly built itself without much effort from my side. I also like the arms’ disparity. 🙂


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