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A haemoncula makes her appearance

To jumpstart my girlfriend’s stagnant army composition, I finished a haemoncula for her Dark Eldar force. The Cabal of the Withered Wing is currently ruled by a haemonculus coven on their conquest of Commoragh’s highest spires. The model has some Frankenstein-esque features as it’s a kitbash from Wyches, Raider crew, Daemonettes, Flagellants, Scourges, Crypt Ghouls and finally Gargoyles – all of which made a really decent looking haemoncula.


The Astartes need some artillery

A friend of mine (rightfully) complained long ago about the current price of the finecasted Thunderfire cannon, thus I offered him a cheaper conversion for both the Techmarine and the artillery piece itself. Thanks to several magnets, the Techmarine can choose between his servo-harness and a single servo-arm with lascutter or flamer.

Lacking a fitting carriage for the Thunderfire cannon, I made a stationary version from the Hunter’s weaponry with some other imperial building and vehicle parts as well as a new muzzle from the Lord of Skulls (I heavily dislike those cannon conversions, which don’t alter the original unfitting muzzle). Unfortunately I didn’t make proper photos prior to handing the artillery to its new owner.

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Posted by on 14th February 2016 in Warhammer 40k