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Ordnance Tyranny

Ordnance Tyranny

While I got distracted with a lot new side projects, I took a closer look at Imperial Armour 13 and the updated Siege of Vraks, which suggested that another 1000 points army is indeed a good idea.^^

So my gaze fell upon a nurglish artillery regiment, which is on the farther end of infestation with lots of plague zombies, half demonic leaders and more artillery than needed.

From a list-building point of view this made some choices mandatory: A “The Purge” detachment with an ordnance tyrant, two blobs of plague zombies and enough thudd guns to cover the battlefield with 64 small blast templates. Overkill? What else? 😉

Now I’ve seen a whole bunch of traitor guards and renegades based on cadians and while this is totally fine, I didn’t like the look as they are so often way to clean and uniform for my idea of renegades. Thus I rounded up as many Dark Vengeance cultists as I could find and added two Boxes of Start Collecting! Nurgle Daemons as well as one box of Mantic zombies.

The plague zombie units will contain mostly the models from Mantic, which are lovely and especially cheap, but also really flimsy compared to GW’s heroic scale. So I mixed some zombie brutes into the units to give them an uneven appearance. And that’s how those 20 plaguebearers got a new purpose. 🙂

My daemon-engineered thudd guns started out as “slothy maggot-like things with mortar barrels and taser-wielding crew”. For this I did a quick mockup in Photoshop, using both plague drones as base for the gun and the notorious cultists for the crew.

The crew member satisfied my vision, but the gun did not. And when it came to building the damn thing, the plague drone kit didn’t approve either. As this is a serious kind of nearly proxy-like conversion, I needed to get the dimensions as close as possible to Forge World’s original to avoid any discussions – not possible at all with the above concept. After that the project lay fallow for some time as I couldn’t get my head around a new idea. Luckily, I came across a neat conversion on the Convertorum and the project got new wind. The result is this… thing:

Green Stuff and Milliput for details like boils or damage on the shiny aluminium barrels as well as filling some gaps are still missing, but I’m currently at odds with the overall design. And before I convert another 15 plague drones, I should be sold on the design. What do you think about the conversion? Any suggestions or encouragement? 😀

Featured image: © 2008-20016 DemiDead

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