More Thudd Guns – or not

15 Aug
More Thudd Guns – or not

After realising that only the thudd gun’s split face was buggering me, I removed it with some khornate force and began to work on the barrels with my dremel. The sculpting had to wait as I forgot all my sculpting materials at my shared flat near university. So I took out the second gun’s prepared barrels and built another daemonic quad launcher, this time with a higher firing arc due to the plague drone’s donor body. With four more drone sprues another gun body came into being – just to find out that I also forgot the aluminium pipe as I wanted to saw off more barrels…

So my artillery currently consists of only two nearly done guns and an unfinished one until I get back to my place of study.

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Posted by on 15th August 2016 in Nurgle Renegades, Warhammer 40k


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