No tyranny without a tyrant

19 Aug
No tyranny without a tyrant

Whilst the additional field artillery guns wait for new material, my ordnance tyrant has made some progress. I used the Herald of Nurgle as base with a new foot, some green stuff trousers and a head from the Putrid Blightkings kit. The green stuff was obviously a bit too old for a smooth surface, but nothing that can’t be solved with a dremel and some sanding. Still missing are his gun, the back pack and some cables. The back pack is already finished, but I haven’t sorted out which gun I should give him. Ruleswise an autogun is probably best, but a regular autogun looks ridiculously small in the herald’s hands. My current take is a trimmed-down machine gun from the Dark Vengeance cultists.

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Posted by on 19. August 2016 in Nurgle Renegades, Warhammer 40k


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One response to “No tyranny without a tyrant

  1. Remnante

    22. August 2016 at 08:31

    I really like this, the new head and removal of the back spines does a lot to change the model. Can’t wait to see this finished!


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