By the Inquisiton’s decree!

22 Aug
By the Inquisiton’s decree!

Apart from my main projects, the Mechanicum and Mordheim (and the Renegades now…^^), some new stuff from the Inq28 front has dwelt on my desk without the chance to show off – until now. 🙂

So I proudly present Karolus, sanctioned psyker in the name of the Holy Inquisition, who purges the heretics with his mind or just clubs them with his force stave.

Next in line is a member of the ‘Children of the Emperor’ – a mutant cult worshipping the God-Emperor of Mankind in all his holyness and fighting the Ordo Hereticus, which wants to exterminate the mutant pest.
With his trusted bolt thrower, his defeated enemies are later burned not at the stake, but through the stake.

And finally the true scale Deathwatch Blackshield – formerly known as Iron Father Uskaron Varad. Once the disciple of the Moirae sect was transferred from the Red Talons to the Deathwatch and fulfilled his duty for the Ordo Xenos. Before his time in the Deathwatch ended, it came to the Moirae schism and whereas Iron Hands and Brazen Claws let their dissidents go in peace and form the Sons of Medusa, the Red Talons killed every single sectarian. Having no chapter to return to, Varad broke with the Red Talons and became a Blackshield.

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