Ramshackling to freedom

19 Dec
Ramshackling to freedom

After reading the Heralds of Ruin Kill Team rules for the Grot Rebels, I found myself with the urge to delve once again into scratchbuilding with cardboard. So I raided my cornflakes stash for some cardboard, added super glue, cheap pin needles from Woolworth and any suitable parts my bitzbox could offer to create my Grot Tank Kommanda and a peg-legged Killa Kan.

Years ago I started to build a cardboard Malcador, but never finished the project and didn’t work with cardboard ever since. It needs some experience to work with, but it’s a cheap and fun way to create orky vehicles while watching Netflix. 😀

The Tank Kommanda’s chassis is based on a grot tank template I found online. I printed and build the chassis without having any sizing guidelines, so whereas the spare Taurox’ tracks fit nicely, the tank got way too big for a regular grot tank. For the team leader an increased size seems manageable, but the regular tank needs to be a lot smaller. Nonetheless, I’m extremely satisfied with the overall look – with more ordered plates and without orky smbols, the tank would also fit in various imperial armies. 🙂

Doing a Killa Kan was a little more straightforward, as there are a lot of references and templates on the internet. The main issue with most of them where the legs and arms, so I defaulted on using existing bitz to distract again from the cardboard build. At first the lower back made some problems, but after getting some feedback in the HoR Facebook group, a small generator took the empty space.

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