Red is fasta!

27 Dec
Red is fasta!

Although Christmas being over, the colour fits both the holidays and the revolution, so the colour choice for my Kill Team vehicles was an easy one.

First time ever that I used sponge chipping as a technique and even if I need more practical experience, I love the effects on otherwise rather dull plain surfaces. Painting these two also infused me with a little more painting motivation, which I always need a lot when facing those mournful grey tides in my boxes and on all those shelves. 😀

Seeing the Tank Kommanda painted, the model would also be really interesting in any un-orky version of itself. And then of course as a whole tank company – any suggestions which rules to use for an army that could be made out of them? 🙂

Combining the brazen sweatband and a peg leg makes the Killa Kan look like some kind of piratical jogger with bad dental hygiene, but I can’t think of any grot who wouldn’t try to emulate this obvious ideal of beauty. 😉

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Posted by on 27th December 2016 in Heralds of Ruin


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