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40k demo board

As mentioned in my project roundup, I made a new gaming table for my local GW store so the new store manager could get rid of the dull old version (a simple plate with some small ruins and pipes scattered on it 🙄 ).

Dabbling a bit in SketchUp the same evening I was asked to make the board resulted in this first version. 🙂

I had been advised to recycle the old tiles from the Sector Imperialis board as well as some leftovers from the Shadow War: Armageddon buildings. So I went for a mdf board with a polystyrene block for the upper level and hacked a part of the street tiles off. The cathedral would be made out of a full Imperial Sector box and the remaining street parts used to hide the ugly polystyrene.

After some re-evaluation the wooden board was dropped in favour of two Realm of Battle tiles from AoS (somehow these are cheaper for the store than having to cope with a 5€ bill from the hardware store) and the street layout changed quite a bit.

With this version in mind, I began to build the board. Cutting the Realm of Battle tiles with just the old Citadel saw and cutters wasn’t fun at all as the tiles’ grid structure made them sturdy as hell, but with a lot of effort the tiles were brought into shape.

As you see, the promethium tank got a substructure, but everything else stuck to the 3D model. To hide the polystyrene I then overlayed the polystyrene walls with sections from the street tiles and finished both the cathedral and the industrial tower. While the tower’s exhausts and pipes grew to a huge height, the cathedral just became a real colossus and remained split in two parts to handle it for painting.

The last step step before getting the paint ready was to seal off the remaining polystyrene parts and to blend the street tiles into the polystyrene edge. For this I taped all the edges and coated the whole thing in lots of rubble paste. The AoS reliefs on the lower tiles also got their share of rubble paste. 😀

On the final day (and after giving the rubble paste more than enough time to dry completely) the manager and I painted about nine hours to get the table ready for the store evaluation on the following day. That’s also why the photos I made at 11 pm are a bit shaky and overexposed by the camera flash. 😳

There are still some unpainted details and errors on the model, which the store manager will fix when he has the time and the cathedral will get some LED stripes for even more epicness. 😀

In the end the gaming table might not be perfect, but for the short time I had to create the new demo board I’m really satisfied with the outcome.


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