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Nestorian Infestation I – Wanna buy some fresh air?

Nestorian Infestation I – Wanna buy some fresh air?

Just one credit and you may take a deeeep breath…

Seeing one of Big Boss Redskullz posts in the Inquisitorium group I stumbled over the Nestorian Infestation project – a new collaboration between him, Echoes of the Imperium and WilhelMiniatures.

A world infested by a Genestealer Cult, the only Inquisitor there in league with the cult and an incoming Deathwatch force make a really intriguing setting. To populate the world with more life than just the three project founders’ own warbands, Big Boss Redskullz called for community contributions: civilians of all sorts to be used in their games. A really interesting opportunity for yet another side project, albeit one that is easily completed instead of clogging my hobby time. So I jumped on the contribution train and worked out my first civilian concept. 😀

As the Nestorian Infestation uses a special kind of airborne spores to infect imperial citizens, my first idea was a clean air / oxygen dealer who operates in the most polluted industrial areas where the spores have a hard time getting through all that respiratory gear. Of course “clean air” is an elastic term in his case and contains a whole lot of spores to spread the infection. I guess pure oxygen would work as a nice addicting drug for workers who breath more fumes than air in their daily life.

Being busy with my Carnival of Chaos, which utilised whatever parts I had lying around, I tried the same approach for the civilian. Therefore inspiration was closely tied to my bitz box. In there I found another old Electro-priest and a lot of Cultists. Mixed with a nice Genestealer Hybrid head and Tyranid parts (including a blue Genestealer hand from the early 3rd edition of 40k) this fellow was created:

Some minor filling and sanding needs yet to be done, but I’m happy my idea worked out quite like I anticipated.


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