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Microheim I – Honey, I shrunk the gaming table

Microheim I – Honey, I shrunk the gaming table

Inspired by a post in one of the many tabletop groups on Facebook and Reductivetendency’s similar project on his blog, one of my projects this year will be a new Mordheim board. Doesn’t sound that fancy yet?

How about adding:Β “in 10mm heroic scale” and “with Warmaster-sized warbands“? πŸ˜€

Exploring the City of the Damned on a small coffee table won’t be a dream anymore and I can store an entire game on the shelf to finish it later without any effort at all.

But to get there I’ll need a whole load of terrain first: Houses, towers, bridges, ladders and lots of rubble and barricades for a densely filled board.

Even though there are some small companies out there making suitable terrain for Warmaster, none of them provides ruined medieval town houses struck by a warpstone meteorite shower, so I’m off to making my own buildings.

For this project I’m going to make mock-ups in SketchUp before turning them into 2D templates for laser-cut terrain to fill a 40x40cm board. I’m still not sure whether to use 2mm mdf like the examples below or switch to 1mm thickness (or even a mix of both), but the first prototypes will certainly help to solve this issue. πŸ™‚

My first two town houses share interchangeable tiles for the ground storey with different upper storeys and I want to keep the buildings at least somewhat modular for more variation later (and less work beforehand):

All the different designs will start as undamaged buildings just to be reduced to ruins or even rubble for a fitting Mordheim look afterwards. This way I can both offer the regular variants to interested Warmaster or historic wargame players for their gaming boards and make it way easier to design the houses in the first place. πŸ™‚

A lot of my inspiration for the timber framing comes from various old German cities like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which make wonderful examples for a pre-comet Mordheim. I just need to re-create some of them and then smash all of them with a big smouldering rock. πŸ˜€

Which buildings would you like to see on the Microheim board? A gatehouse? Some wizard’s whacky tower mansion? Something completely different? Just leave a comment with any ideas or even a real-life example for me to re-create. πŸ™‚


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Something Wicked X – Slowly but surely

Something Wicked X – Slowly but surely

Once again the sound of silence echoes in the forge as I haven’t had much (or rather: any) time for hobby-related stuff in these last few weeks. Even my highly anticipated contribution to the Nestorian Infestation had to be aborted due to a particular nasty case of Nurgle’s Rot around Easter. :/

Nevertheless I managed to get at least some paint onto my Carnival of Chaos and the details pop out nicely. Next up are some highlights on the skin and a lot of blood, gore & guts (along with the occasional boil) before I can get to the carnival colours. πŸ˜€

Hopefully, with Whitsuntide and two weeks off from university around the corner I’ll be able to finish the whole warband until the end of May.Β Until then you’ll have to make do with a single WIP shot of the warband in its current state. πŸ™‚


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