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Microheim II – Finding the right technique

Microheim II – Finding the right technique

As mentioned in the last blog post, I’m still embarked on the journey to find the right thickness, material and overall technique to realise my 10mm housing development for Mordheim. 😀

To avoid additional work on my designs, if I choose a building technique after creating all the templates, I decided to tackle that hurdle first.

Currently there are four different styles possible for the buildings – all of them with different levels of detail, assembling difficulty and of course: costs.

Variant #1

The basic technique as used in my first models is a simple 2mm mdf panel with engraved details for the timber framing and small separate windows to get some 3D feeling.

Variant #2

Halfing the mdf’s thickness to 1mm and gluing two panels together gives the opportunity to do some recessed details for windows and doors without needing any more tiny separate parts. Of course I need to run the laser cutter twice as often compared to variant #1.

Variant #3

Using cardboard for the timber framing gives the frontage a way more detailed and realistic look, but you need to glue on some rather delicate parts and we’re again at doubling the cutting process.

Variant #4

Finally, combing #2 and #3 gives the maximum level of detail as well as the most work to create and assemble the houses with its three layers.

So quite some different variants I have to choose from, albeit the whole similar but different dilemma. Which variant would you fancy for your own buildings? Fast, cheap & easy like #1 or difficult & detailed like #4? Or should it even be #2 or #3 for a compromise? 🙂

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