Some lines about me:

In 2000 I started with the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40k after seeing those pretty Eldars in the Codex Dark Eldar and buying (German) White Dwarf #55. Matching the release of Craftworld Eldar all of my pocket money got invested in aspect warriors and I slowly built up a swordwind of Biel-Tan. Of course with clumpy paint, mold lines everywhere and no sense of proper army composition – probably like every beginner without a veteran’s help.

I learned the game itself via battle reports from the White Dwarf, the big rulebook way too expensive for my thinking and some editions away from the small one. No need to say that I lacked many of the detailed rules and wouldn’t become a good player for a long time with this attitude…

The Eldar in fact never saw a real game, due to a single picture: With the release of the “new” Chaos Land Raider there where some Noise Marines in the background and despite the Eldars’ protests I converted straightaway to Slaanesh, whom I kept faith with until today.

In the meantime armies came and went, I played at tournament level and had a lot of fun. Between 4th and 5th edition a lack of hobby motivation began and resisted until the 5th’s end, but my purple Chaos Space Marines never had to fear to be abandoned. After my re-entry in 40k I played combat patrol very intensely and organised my first tournaments. Nowadays I rarely play 40k anymore and just organise some small tournaments, partly because of the decrease in free time and the unfluffy codexes for my main army in the recent years.

But with Forge World’s masterpiece in the Horus Heresy, I am currently building a long-cherished army – the Dark Mechanicum, which is also one of the pillars, this blog is based on.

Aside from all these futuristic 28mm battles I tried several specialist games, but only Mordheim was able to enthral me and grew as important as 40k to my hobby focus.


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