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Sigvald’s magnificent molesters I – Skervaldr WIP

Sigvald’s magnificent molesters I – Skervaldr WIP

Despite getting my boxed set of Shadespire in December, I didn’t have much time to delve a lot into the joys of building my anticipated Slaaneshi Eternals warband.

Nonetheless my first model is on a good way to come to an end and is going to get finished as soon as I can decide on what to do with his left hand. πŸ™„

My photoshop concept for Skervaldr Kingsbane drew a lot of attention and positive feedback in the Shadespire group, therefore I stuck mostly with my overall design.

However, I changed details like the blade and added additional bits to give the model more individuality.

The blade is a trimmed down part from the Dark Eldar Talos kit and needs a skull or rock to support the shorter blade as well as some work on the hilt and cross-guard to make it look more fitting. For his left hand I’m still struggling between a shield like in the concept (easy fix, but kind of weird combined with a bastard sword), some chains (maybe with flesh hooks), an icon or something totally different. πŸ˜€

Any suggestions? πŸ™‚

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