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Going big

Going big

Another project from my shelf is this Imperial Knight Paladin, which will serve as my House Dumas’ Troops choice (using the Horus Heresy rules – no formations, more fluff). The knight kit is fine to build, unless you make the silly decision to alter the legs’ pose. To lift the left foot just 3mm to get it on top of the basing material needed cutting in unpleasant angles and a lot of adjustments for the cables and pistons. What would have been wrong with making the legs with real joints like Tau and Eldar Walkers have them? :/

The arms took also quite a while, but that’s what I wanted, so no GW bashing here. The arms indeed have exactly the flexibility which the legs lack. 🙂

For the gun arm both weapon casings were glued together to get a weapon both long enough to reach with the other arm and big enough to legitimate it’s two-handed use. The barrel is magnetised to allow switching from Paladin spec to Errant or Warden. The destroyer chain bayonet added much to the weapon’s bulkiness and made the pose even more ridiculous bad-ass. 😀

Currently all the armour plates are missing as I don’t want to paint the knight fully glued together, but thus it has to wait in line on my ever-growing ‘to paint’ list.

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