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Here come the Gretchin!

Here come the Gretchin!

Finally my Grot Rebels are fully painted. 🙂

Despite some small details like eyes still missing (and probably for good regarding my shaking hands^^) I consider the team as finished. Maybe I’ll add some more grots for campaign games in the future, but for now we mostly play individual battles.

Beside the tanks and my Killa Kan the team has these members:

  • Ammo Runts
  • Grot Lootas with skorcha
  • 2x Grot Oilers
  • Squig Rida
  • Mek Gun crew with kannon

Most of the models were built from the basic Gretchin kit mixed with some Gnoblar parts and other bitz. With all the armoured elements the kill team features not that many greenskins, but even if it is easily possible to field more than 60 gretchin in a 250 pts. list, I have no intention to paint all these masses just for a kill team.

There are way too many other project ideas floating around in my head for such a commitment. 😀

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Armoured reserves

Armoured reserves

With another cardboard tank sitting on my desk thanks to the tutorial, I decided to still paint it even though it has no place in my 250pts. single game list.

This way I can still use it as a replacement for the duck of doom or expand my kill team during a campaign. Also the unit needs a minimum of three tanks when played in 40k, so my grots are now also playable with GW’s own kill team rules instead of just the Heralds of Ruin variant (which is still way more fun^^).

As the paint job is kind of straightforward (same as the other two tanks you already know), I use this post to show how the tank was painted. Unfortunately I came up with that idea AFTER finishing the model, so there are no step-by-step pictures, just the finished product at the end. 😀

Used colours

  • Citadel Paints
    • Agrax Earthshade
    • Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet)
    • Boltgun Metal (Leadbelcher)
    • Chaos Black primer
    • Codex Grey (Dawnstone)
    • Nuln Oil
    • Rhinox Hide
    • Runefang Steel
    • Snot Green (Warpstone Glow)
  • Vallejo Game Color
    • Brassy Brass
    • Glorious Gold
    • Heavy Blackgreen
    • Scarlett Red
    • White Primer


I used the notorious Chaos Black spray primer to start the tank, because the spray isn’t as moist as using regular paint and a brush (and it’s way faster^^). I haven’t had problems yet, but some cardboard types tend to warp when exposed to even medium amounts of water, so I just stay on the safe side here.

Red armour

  • Base the entire armour plates with several watered-down coats of Scarlett Red until the tank looks fast enough. 😉
  • Use Agrax Earthshade to blackline the armour plates and all the rivets. You may do this twice in the deeper recesses to add even more plasticity to the model.
  • Give the whole armour a heavy drybrush with Blood Red.

Sponge chipping

  • Use a sponge to add splashes of Rhinox Hide to the armour. Both edges and big scarcely detailed plates are your target here.
  • Add splashes of Runefang Steel wherever you applied the Rhinox Hide before to represent chipped paint. This will disguise the missing details compared to a plastic model and adds a lot of character.


  • Simply paint them with Boltgun Metal to let them pop out. You can add a wash and a highlight with Runefang Steel, but I found that to be unnecessary to be satisfied. 😀

Metal parts

  • Base all metal parts with Boltgun Metal.
  • Wash them first with Nuln Oil, then with Agrax Earthshade..
  • Drybrush all the parts with Runefang Steel.

Brass parts

  • Pick out some metal parts you want to give more focus and base the with Brassy Brass to break up the rather dull metal colours.
  • Give them a heavy wash with Agrax Earthshade.
  • Drybrush with Glorious Gold.
  • Pick out the edges with Runefang Steel.

Orky glyphs

  • Base all glyphs with Codex Grey.
  • Highlight them with a 1:1 mix of Codex Grey and White Primer.
  • Highlight with White Primer.

Cables & glass

  • Put some Heavy Blackgreen on your wet palette and prime all green parts.
  • Mix a bit of Snot Green into the Blackgreen and highlight the parts.
  • Repeat the last step until you reach pure Snot Green for the last highlight.

The paint job is more quick&dirty than highly sophisticated, but it’s sufficient for a “tabletop standard” model and gritty enough for the grots.

I would love to make a lot more of these tanks just to field a thousand points of them in a regular 40k game and win while my opponent is still laughing. 😀

Unfortunately the cardboard method may be really cheap, but it is also time-consuming as hell. Therefore I will explore the means of making masters for 3 turrets, 3 chassis and 3 kinds of tracks and just cast them in resin. This would allow me up to 27 different tank configurations, save a lot of time and even makes them sellable. If this concept proves efficient enough, expect some scrap tank fleets in the mid future. 🙂


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The Duck of Doom

The Duck of Doom

To distract me from the diminishing time to this semester’s exams, I have painted my duck-looking Grot Tank tonight. The colour scheme is identical to the other two vehicles for my Grot Rebels kill team, but I’m still amazed by how the paint job totally covers up the models cardboard origins. 🙂

Now all my team’s vehicles are ready for the gaming table, but I’m nonetheless going to build another Grot Tank based on the kommanda’s template (although less oversized this time).

The third tank allows me to field a whole Grot Tank Squadron in regular 40k and I have been asked to make a tutorial for the kommanda, which will be fine content for the blog.^^

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Red is fasta!

Red is fasta!

Although Christmas being over, the colour fits both the holidays and the revolution, so the colour choice for my Kill Team vehicles was an easy one.

First time ever that I used sponge chipping as a technique and even if I need more practical experience, I love the effects on otherwise rather dull plain surfaces. Painting these two also infused me with a little more painting motivation, which I always need a lot when facing those mournful grey tides in my boxes and on all those shelves. 😀

Seeing the Tank Kommanda painted, the model would also be really interesting in any un-orky version of itself. And then of course as a whole tank company – any suggestions which rules to use for an army that could be made out of them? 🙂

Combining the brazen sweatband and a peg leg makes the Killa Kan look like some kind of piratical jogger with bad dental hygiene, but I can’t think of any grot who wouldn’t try to emulate this obvious ideal of beauty. 😉

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The Colours of Nurgle

The Colours of Nurgle

Forced by a Kill Team tournament in my local GW store, I have started to paint some of my Nurgle Renegades. It has been a long time since I got so much brush work done (even though the models are still WIP). There is still much to do, the brass had only its base coat, the leather needs touch-ups and regular metal, details and black parts are still on the to-do list. Nonetheless I had a lot of fun to paint again and managed to watch a lot of episodes from various Netflix series at the same time. 🙂

My Kill Team list is a heresy itself, as I field the Renegades with the Solar Auxilia’s rules from 30k, but these were the only rules, where I could include artillery guns. The regular Vrak list allows neither Plague Zombies nor Thudd Guns due to the missing Ordnance Tyrant. Speaking of which, I’m happy to see my green stuff work doesn’t look that amateurish and blends well into the whole model.

Then there are my daemonic Thudd Guns and the zombie brutes. Painting all those boils takes some time, but is somehow disgustingly rewarding. 😀

And finally some of my regular Renegades. The Solar Auxilia troops need a standard bearer and vox-caster, the first got a simple plague bearer standard, while the second seems to have looted a gigantic stash of bells as his “communication device”. ^^
All the models are based on the regular cultists from Dark Vengeance with a lot of head and arm swaps, mixed with some spare parts from the Plaguebearers’ sprue.


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Baraq’el finished

Baraq’el finished

My first fully painted model in a long time, the Inquisitor’s nephilim-cherub is finally done or at least done enough to look good on the gaming table despite some mistakes.

For the remaining warband I’m aiming for green and grey and metal as main colours, which still has to prove as a solid colour scheme.

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