40k demo board

As mentioned in my project roundup, I made a new gaming table for my local GW store so the new store manager could get rid of the dull old version (a simple plate with some small ruins and pipes scattered on it 🙄 ).

Dabbling a bit in SketchUp the same evening I was asked to make the board resulted in this first version. 🙂

I had been advised to recycle the old tiles from the Sector Imperialis board as well as some leftovers from the Shadow War: Armageddon buildings. So I went for a mdf board with a polystyrene block for the upper level and hacked a part of the street tiles off. The cathedral would be made out of a full Imperial Sector box and the remaining street parts used to hide the ugly polystyrene.

After some re-evaluation the wooden board was dropped in favour of two Realm of Battle tiles from AoS (somehow these are cheaper for the store than having to cope with a 5€ bill from the hardware store) and the street layout changed quite a bit.

With this version in mind, I began to build the board. Cutting the Realm of Battle tiles with just the old Citadel saw and cutters wasn’t fun at all as the tiles’ grid structure made them sturdy as hell, but with a lot of effort the tiles were brought into shape.

As you see, the promethium tank got a substructure, but everything else stuck to the 3D model. To hide the polystyrene I then overlayed the polystyrene walls with sections from the street tiles and finished both the cathedral and the industrial tower. While the tower’s exhausts and pipes grew to a huge height, the cathedral just became a real colossus and remained split in two parts to handle it for painting.

The last step step before getting the paint ready was to seal off the remaining polystyrene parts and to blend the street tiles into the polystyrene edge. For this I taped all the edges and coated the whole thing in lots of rubble paste. The AoS reliefs on the lower tiles also got their share of rubble paste. 😀

On the final day (and after giving the rubble paste more than enough time to dry completely) the manager and I painted about nine hours to get the table ready for the store evaluation on the following day. That’s also why the photos I made at 11 pm are a bit shaky and overexposed by the camera flash. 😳

There are still some unpainted details and errors on the model, which the store manager will fix when he has the time and the cathedral will get some LED stripes for even more epicness. 😀

In the end the gaming table might not be perfect, but for the short time I had to create the new demo board I’m really satisfied with the outcome.


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The Sealed City updates

The Sealed City updates

A reminder for those interested few – the new content for our Mordheim supplement is now online. 🙂

You can find more about the additions and changes on our website or head directly to the download section to get your hands on all that shiny new stuff. 😀

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Ghost of Projects Present

After the slight whining in my last post it’s time for a “what’s on my plate” update. 😀

First of all – this:

Despite having just one game under my belt yet, this game provides a lot things I really like:

  • A limited effort to get into the game on par with a regular board game (which I also like a lot)
  • A card system with customised decks and therefore strategies (probably due to a shady tcg and ccg past with MTG & Warlord)
  • A highly competitive character of the game and it being suited (or at least promoted) for intense tournament play

So I’m certain that this will boost my hobby motivation for quite some time. 🙂

My main project for Shadespire will be a Slaaneshi Eternals warband. The models reminded me so much of Sigvald the Magnificent that the idea instantly came to mind and the Shadespire group on fb went totally nuts over my Photoshop mockups for the warband. 😀

Next is a scenery project I just finished made ready to use for the new manager of my local GW store. He was in dire need of a new demo board for 40k and after showing him a quick SketchUp model of my idea, he sampled the required kits and sent his assistant to the hardware store.

The paint job needs some cleanup and I need to add the missing Galvanic Servohaulers (and some decent photos with better lighting), but both the store manager and I are satisfied by getting so far in just four days. 😀

And finally a lot has been done for our own Mordheim supplement featuring a new setting based in The Sealed City.

This meant much work on the rules and a lot more with Adobe InDesign to make all the rules pretty enough for a public audience.

Tomorrow we’re going to release about two dozen pages of new content including warbands, scenarios, equipment and campaign rules as well as adjustments to all existing previews. 🙂

That’s it for the second instalment of my project series. Next up are some in-depth posts about the projects above and then we’ll see what the Ghost of Projects Yet to Come will bring. 😀


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Ghost of Projects Past

Tomorrow one of many abandoned projects will be shipped to its new owner and this made me look back on all the projects in the recent past and I wondered where my hobby motivation hid the last months.

The year started promising with a Grot Rebels kill team for Heralds of Ruin – one of the first fully painted and therefore completed projects for some time.

Also the HoR gretchin were a hell of a lot fun to build, paint and play. Definitely my highlight this year so far. 😀

On the not so well documented site I started a full Chaos Space Marines Possessed army led by a friendly fly. Apart from the army itself the project had the primary aim to get a full 1850 pts. tournament army done for under 100€.

With 28 heavily converted and customised Possessed, six Chaos Sorcerers and the custom Daemon Prince I ended up at ~80€ and proved doubters wrong that 40k is always expensive and on tournament level even more so. I played several games with the army, which were both fun  and challenging (and I learned again a lot about the 7th edition of 40k with a huge death star and its 18 mastery levels).

But with the release of 40k’s 8th edition the army became both bad and also invalid in some tournaments. As you may have guessed, this army will soon have a new owner. 😉

One of my biggest wargaming loves – the Dark Mechanicum – didn’t see a gaming table this year due to a dwindling gaming community for the Horus Heresy and an incompatibility of their rules with new edition of 40k.

And although I had finally found a colour scheme for them that I liked, the army neither saw a drop of paint nor got any of the additional models on its “to buy” and “to build” lists (including a four-legged Thanatar, more Castellax, as well as Anacharis Scoria and his Homunculex).

Back to 40k I had high hopes for my Renegades of Vraks in the new edition. I already liked how they played in 7th edition, but to resolve the army’s ~70 blast templates was really time consuming and rightfully annoyed many of my opponents. 😀

Therefore the foretold death of templates in the 8th edition didn’t hit me as hard as other veteran players and indices by GW and FW on the same power level could have meant more acceptance for Forge World stuff.

Unfortunately my expectations weren’t met at all. Instead of faster games I had to roll dozens of random shots and my main gaming group incomprehensibly banned FW again on their tournaments. The 8th edition is fun, some things like psychic powers got fixed and yet I somehow don’t like it. It just feels off and even though 40k had been my main wargame for 17 years, its days of supremacy in my hobby may have come to an end… :/

Lamplighter of Selhoff © ClintCearley

Off to fantasy settings and even more nonstarters. Hinterlands and my AoS28 project started off fine, but lost a lot of steam early on and finally ended up in the drawer after one game only.

Another candidate was Frostgrave, but never really took off even though many players in my gaming group wanted to start with a Frostgrave warband as a gateway drug for Mordheim.

And last but not least my elaborate map-based Mordheim campaign in the Border Town Burning setting died end of summer and left me without any regular gaming events.

So much for all the stuff that was going on (or not^^) this year and a little insight into the reasons behind my lack of new posts lately. In the next post I will show you some of my current projects and what kinda got me back into the hobby again. 🙂


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Lamplighter Hills II – The creature that started it all

Lamplighter Hills II – The creature that started it all

To start my AoS28 project, the Lamplighter seems to be a fitting first model and even though I haven’t decided on a certain ruleset yet (more about that in my next post), this model will be and has to be included in every iteration of the warband I might come up with.

Consequently I share my creative process with you while I wait for my ordered bitz to arrive and possibly get some input on my choice of parts. 😉


The Lamplighter’s face is the conversion’s first obstacle. Combining a high forehead, tiny eyes, flat teeth and a missing nose is somewhat of a challenge to recreate with original parts – although I don’t have to worry about the hairstyle. 😄

One of my best bets seems to be the Daemonette Alluress‘ head with removed hair and a minor nose-job. Maybe I also have to underfill her cheeks as they seem a little bit too hollow compared to the artwork.^^°


Fortunately GW released heads for AoS with long flowing hair as I find hair really difficult to sculpt with green stuff (especially if it’s not fully attached to the model but hanging in the air).

The Sylvaneth Tree-Revenant heads are also not attached to their hair pieces which saves me from a lot of cutting and sanding to get rid of their pretty faces. 😈

Upper body

My first idea for the Lamplighter’s body was to simply use some Electro-Priests I got from a trade, but the overall model would look really tiny – especially compared to its upcoming enforcer. It should be the warband’s centrepiece and that position dictates a certain size.

While I’ve found the “legs” to go for (see below), the final torso choice will have to wait until I can measure the needed waist. Probably two Kairic Acolytes will to the trick, as I have to put half a torso on top of the other one to fit the artwork.

Lower Body

After dismissing my initial idea for the body, I stumbled across an eBay auction for a Tech-Priest Dominus in the wrong category. I’ve always wanted that model for my Mechanicum and won the auction for next to nothing.

Most of the Dominus’ parts will go to my 30k force, but the lower body will be used for the Lamplighter conversion.

I’ll replace all the cables with chains where applicable or simply remove them as well as these small metal feet. Or shall I just leave the crawling apparatus intact instead of going for the footless look? 😕


With a total of seven lanterns in three different designs needed for the Lamplighter I browsed through the various bitz shops on my search for illumination, but all the AoS and WHFB lanterns look very different compared to those on the artwork.

Therefore I will probably have to build lanterns out of cardboard or plasticard, unless someone comes up with some spiky lantern bitz.^^


Regardless that you can get a ton of different candles from various kits and also from some third party suppliers, these are really easy to make from scratch (there are also tons of tutorials available, be it with tubes, wire or toothpicks).

Also I would’ve needed to sculpt the wax on the hands anyway, so I’ll just make my own candles using a mix of the linked tutorials.


The Lamplighter’s final part is its torch, which somehow doesn’t fit the lanterns and overall metal details. Instead of just a burning stick of wood I think that a torch with metal base like from the Hurricanum would be way more fitting.

Additionally the final model might be somewhat hunched due to the Tech-Priest part, which might favour a staff with torch head in place of a regular torch – what do you think? 🙂

So much for my conversion thoughts for the Lamplighter, next step is to get my hands on all the required bitz.

Maybe you got some ideas for the “missing” parts or other input regarding the model – as always input of all kinds is highly appreciated. 😄

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Lamplighter Hills I – Through the Clandestine Arch

Lamplighter Hills I – Through the Clandestine Arch

If you’re ever in such dire need to travel fast and unseen between the realms, search for one of the Clandestine Arches. Whereas most Realmgates are pompous constructs that bring you in an instant from one place to another, these gates merely offer you access to a shadowy realm between realms, a corridor to travel hidden from unwanted attention.

The ‘Ash Marshes’ they call this place, a desolate and brumous plain filled with nothing but ash, rocks and marshy hollows. Dark by day, pitch-black by night, they say – but I’ve never encountered a sunrise there.

– Marulius the Severed, Hammerhall beggar

Not much is known about Ulgu, the Realm of Shadows. Divided in thirteen regions the Shadowkin live in this realm, as do some of the Fyreslayers. But there is more – splinters of this realm float between the other realms, connecting them and filling the empty void like a slowly creeping wall of fog. One of these splinters are the Ash Marshes. Once a populated region, it touched the Realms of Shyish and Chaos, bringing horror, mutation and deathlessness to its vast plains. Now only very few mortals still live in the marshes, with most of its inhabitants turned into nightmares made flesh.

Do not think this inhospitable land is uninhabited. Tribes of hooded Marsh Striders roam the ashen wastes, some of them may even help you and trade with useful goods. But the darkness holds many terrors, things that once were mortal, shivering masses of flesh with too many or not enough limbs. They will follow you, surround you. So don’t stop, never halt for too long.

And should you see lights in the dark, like from a dozen lanterns – run. Just run. Although I suppose you won’t get away from it as it travels fast and knows neither fatigue nor sleep. It will find you and it will speak to you. It will offer you its help. To guide you, to protect you from those terrible things in the dark. And it will name its price. A terrible price, but you will pay it. Don’t make the same mistake as we did and refuse its offer…

– Marulius the Severed, Hammerhall beggar

The Marsh Striders are the remnants of a once prosperous culture, now damned to travel the marshes without ever stopping as only constant movement outpaces the shambling creatures of the dark night. They clad themselves in leathery clothes, hoods and masks to battle the ash that fills the air. No outsider has ever seen a strider without this gear and and it remains unknown how much humanity is left in these people.

Far worse is the creature that is called ‘The Lamplighter’ by the tribes. A stitched together brute with a multitude of arms and hands, holding lanterns and candles to light the plains’ darkness. It doesn’t seem to be either daemon or undead, it just is. Whenever it finds travelling outsiders, it offers guidance and protection at a price. This price varies, but always is of a sinister nature. Her arm and your feet, seven fresh eyes or even a whole member of the travellers’ group. Upon payment it guides the travellers unnaturally fast through the marshes without any hostile encounters or hazards right to their wanted destination. Should the travellers refuse the offer, the Lamplighter wanders off and the flesh nightmares will come.


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AoS28 – even more projects?

AoS28 – even more projects?

Holy cow, this post took a lot of time to make – my first draft is still from early March. 😀

However, this only proves how much I have been on the fence whether to start this side project or not. 😕

Through The Inquisitorium (an Inq28 group on Facebook) and several of the blogs I’m following I stumbled over another shiny (or rather gritty) new project.

AoS28 – the darker version of GW’s child-friendly Age of Sigmar. With roots in Inq28 and Blanchitsu the setting is really appealing, but I’ve still been undecided whether to delve into this new world or just stand outside and behold the marvellous works of others.

One of my strongest hobby motivations is playing with those miniatures I create. Therefore all my future models must serve some gaming-related purpose before getting a transfer from the “interesting ideas” list to the “to do” list. Often the final purpose won’t ever be reached, e.g. if I eventually don’t end up playing the warband / team / army etc., but that’s fine.

Nonetheless, creating models just for the sake of having a new model is something I rarely do.

Now I’ve been confronted with this new way of doing AoS and I really like it – but the question is: “For what purpose should I create models in this setting?”. The only fantasy game I play at the moment is Mordheim, which already has this built-in dark atmosphere. Additionally the setting specifically excludes anything related to the Old World, which somewhat collides with my first idea to simply combine both AoS28 and our own Mordheim setting The Sealed City.

So I browsed my Pinterest account for inspiration and stumbled over an old MTG artwork I pinned like ages ago – the Lamplighter of Selhoff. 💡

Lamplighter of Selhoff ©ClintCearley

With some minor adjustments this artwork could easily be turned into a miniature and would capture the atmosphere of AoS28 quite well. With the Lamplighter as a centre piece and possible leader for the warband I then searched for fitting companions. Thanks to Pinterest my search soon began to revolve around the Silent Hill franchise. To my own shame I never had much contact to the games, but at least I’ve seen both films and regardless of all the plot and acting flaws, their visuals are great. 🙂

Especially the Armless Man is one of my favourites – therefore I wanted to include a lot of them in the warband and this finally led me to a warband choice. A strong, monstrous leader and lots of shambling, brainless minions? That’s exactly what The Undead represent in Mordheim. The Lamplighter as the vampire (for gaming purposes probably from the Necrarch bloodline) and Armless Men as his trustful zombies.

Brethren soldiers

With a warband list in mind, The Undead’s mandatory heroes dictated the next additions to my troupe: a Necromancer and three Dregs. Three humans, shunned by their kin, ill-trained, but loyal to their master’s cause? This description fits the miner-like soldiers of Silent Hill’s fanatical order well enough.

With Men-at-arms, Chaos Cultists and bitz from the Genestealer Cult they could be recreated as models. Even those hoodless Skitarii heads might be usable. Exchanging their too modern flashlights for lanterns also carries on the Lamplighter’s theme while their weapons are already just a hotchpotch of improvised junk. 😆

For the necromancer’s post I’m still torn between two design approaches:

  1. The ragtag hag: Dahlia Gillespie in the film’s tattered version. An evil crone that lives among the Lamplighter’s retinue and is able to cast black magic, maybe she is even the Dregs’ mother?
  2. The cult master/mistress: Inspired by the order from Silent Hill Revelation the necromancer could also be a cultist of some sort, invoking the dark arts of flesh magic to create even more (armless) minions for his master. The artwork by Mavros-Thanatos is a especially nice base for such a model:

Finally I will need both Ghouls and Dire wolves for the warband. Unfortunately I’ve no real vision for them at the moment. :/

What do you think about my ideas and AoS28 in general? Do you find the setting compelling; the warband above fitting? 🙂


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